Heart of the forest- T-shirt-Women (fitted cut)

Heart of the forest- T-shirt-Women (fitted cut)

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Heart of the forest

Lucille was really tired of turning in an oval in her blue condominium (white and beige). Tired of this magnificent view of the Laurentians, in fact, of the boxes of 24 empty Laurentians on the balcony opposite, she decided to embark on a journey of several minutes that took her to the heart of the Laurentian forest and, there , well seated on a rock, she discovered on her iPad this magnificent tshirt baltrakon.


Inspired by our great outdoors, our cities and our passions, we have created a collection of clothing representing them in our own way. The maple leaf is omnipresent because it marks our uniqueness here in Quebec and Canada.

Our in-house KM54 collection, made by us, Artisans Canada, for you, is entirely designed, manufactured and printed here in Quebec. We are extremely proud of it.


  • Made in Quebec, Quebec City
  • Material: 50% polyester, 50% cotton
  • Unique design
  • Did you know that?

    We sincerely believe that Larry, the son of his brother, Larry Sanders (not to be confused with the American basketball player), would like baltrakon t-shirts and clothing.



    I have been buying my groceries for several months on the Mon quartier en cane website and I have just discovered your clothes. I went to visit your page and I already love you. Your humor is just perfect!

    Emilie Provost
    Quebec, QC

    I love the quality of your clothes. I have several t-shirts and a hoodie and even after several washes they are just as beautiful and comfortable!

    Maude Vaillancourt
    Quebec, QC

    I am an outdoor enthusiast and fell in love with your designs. Kudos for your creativity and originality!

    Julien Root
    Montreal, QC

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