About Baltrakon

In 2007, two childhood friends, their heads filled with lifelong ideas which, together, multiply and explode, meet up and begin to create beauty and the unexpected on a rather unusual medium: t-shirts. Thanks to their talent in graphic design and their resourcefulness (and also thanks to the help of their family...), they will give birth, from the bowels of a basement in Limoilou, to the clothing brand Baltrakon.

Cabinetmaker, photographer and trainer of racing winkles, Marc-André, one of the two friends, continued the adventure alone for a few years by introducing Baltrakon to thousands (or billions?) of people who, since then, proudly wear his t- shirts designed with humor and love.
By branching off through various partner-shops, artists' and craftsmen's fairs and, of course, the internet, Marc-André is making the clothing line that is now Baltrakon. Several artists and public figures have, moreover, over the years, proudly worn Baltrakon t-shirts on all the red, brown, blue and yellow carpets.

Today, Marc-André, now appointed artistic director, has joined his friend and partner, Thomas. Thanks to his experience, his organization, his rigor and his keen business sense, he brings solidity and strength to this magnificent project. Each has its strengths, as the other would say. All this, to serve you better and make you even more beautiful in your clothes.
The clothes and graphics are thought out, imagined, designed, printed here, on earth, in North America, in Canada, in Quebec and, more precisely, in Quebec City. Varied collections of t-shirts and hoodies decorated with brilliant sober and playful ideas are available whether it is raining or the sun is shining.

The mission of Marc-André and Thomas is that in the morning, when you choose a Baltrakon, proudly created here, you will know that this day will be perfect or almost... At least, that it will have a good start...