As Confucius-Steeve Lemelin would say

Life is too short to spend it regretting everything you haven't had the courage to try, such as buying beautiful Baltrakon clothes.

Take a tour of the site and find out what Baltrakon and life have in store for you!



I have been buying my groceries for several months on the Mon quartier en cane website and I have just discovered your clothes. I went to visit your page and I already love you. Your humor is just perfect!

Quebec, QC

I love your products and your contests, the sweater with the blue slack is really wonderful

Dany Hovington
Quebec, QC

My expectations are answered with a humorous note: I love it! thank you for your diligence

Sandra Girard
Levis, QC


Tell yourself that by wearing baltrakon, even animals will think you look good.