Flower of skin - Women&

Flower of skin - Women's tshirt

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Flower of skin

Cultivated since the evening of time in the fields of skins in the south-west of the north of the island of Fiozzetti, off the coast of the rib cage of Grand Dunéa, by a unique people called the Floralo, who have understood, for a long time , that all people would, one day or another, need Flower of skin.


Inspired by our great outdoors, our cities and our passions, we have created a collection of clothing representing them in our own way. The maple leaf is omnipresent because it marks our uniqueness here in Quebec and Canada.

Our in-house KM54 collection, made by us, Artisans Canada, for you, is entirely designed, manufactured and printed here in Quebec. We are extremely proud of it.

Tshirt description
  • Made in Quebec, Quebec City
  • Material: 50% polyester, 50% cotton
  • Unique design

  • Did you know that?

    We sincerely believe that Larry, the son of his brother, Larry Sanders (not to be confused with the American basketball player), would like baltrakon t-shirts and clothing.

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    I have been buying my groceries for several months on the Mon quartier en cane website and I have just discovered your clothes. I went to visit your page and I already love you. Your humor is just perfect!

    Emilie Provost
    Quebec, QC

    I love the quality of your clothes. I have several t-shirts and a hoodie and even after several washes they are just as beautiful and comfortable!

    Maude Vaillancourt
    Quebec, QC

    I am an outdoor enthusiast and fell in love with your designs. Kudos for your creativity and originality!

    Julien Root
    Montreal, QC

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